Creative Business Academy

The platform for gaining new creative skills and insights.

Have you been a part of our competitions, webinars, events and want to learn even more? The Creative Business Academy is the right place for all that want to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to navigate in the inspiring world of the creative industries.  

Who is it for?

The goal of the Creative Business Academy is to teach everyone working or collaborating with the creative sector how to implement different internationalization strategies, business development approaches and skills specifically in that area.  

What can the academy
do for you?


Ready to take your creative or cultural startup to the next level?

And to internationalise and build a more successful and sustainable business. The academy will improve your business skills and help you understand the opportunities and challenges in front of you.  Startup, are you interested in signing up for the next academy? Fill in the form below and tell us which region you are from and we will let you know when we host the next academy in that region.


Are you a company that’s connected to lots of creative and cultural startups?

Maybe you have an innovation department with startups that would benefit from the academy? We will tailor the academy for the needs of your startups. With our long and broad experience in the creative industries we know what startups need to improve and expand their business.

national partner

National partner, what can we do for you?

We can help startups in your region get to the next level. As specialists on helping companies in the creative industries grow we will put together an academy that will teach invaluable skills. We have the tools, framework and trainers needed.


Mind-blowing experience! Amazing speakers, perfect organization, crazy-as-you entrepreneurs, and true care. The only thing you would regret is that CBA ends someday! I know that this project marked a new starting point for our company, and I cannot express how grateful I am for it!

Nadia Korobchuk
Co-founder, Big story
CB Academy was a massive growth experience for me. It helped me get more focused. It was amazing to get to know and hear people's ideas from different countries and cultures, and how they differ from mine. The lecturers were top-notch, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Timothy Atkins
CEO Blinkker
It was an amazing experience for me and my startup team, I learned too much from excellent speakers and other entrepreneurs, I hope to be considered in the next program for global startups, especially ed-techs, thanks a lot!.

Ayrton Nieves
The Creative Business Academy was an extremely useful case for my project development. Every lecture gave me not only an amazing mentor experience,, but it gives a lot of inspiration, day by day. So afterwards, I have a clear vision about how and where should I move further to make a powerful project. And I would like to do that ASAP!

Olga Lyubarova
Co-founder & CEO of DreamCast


Creative Business Network includes a large number of trainers.

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