Advisory services

Our mission
Creative Business Advisory Service is focused on providing a range of services to help unlock the full potential of the Cultural and Creative Sector.

Our goal is to facilitate a mutually beneficial environment where the local, regional and national economy can benefit from the creative industries. This includes innovators, individual businesses or groups of businesses.

Our background
Creative Business Network have extensive experience in working with private organizations, public and semi-public authorities, as well as international organizations that are focused on the cultural and creative sector. We are at the forefront in terms of competence and expertise in this field, based on our national and regional work spanning more than 10 years.

We have accumulated an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the cultural and creative economy and the relevant regulatory environment in different countries, particularly in Europe. We are members of the European Creative Business Alliance (ECIA) and work closely with many of its members. At the invitation of The European Commission, we co-chaired the expert group with representatives from all member states and external experts on access to funding. The group produced 10 key policy recommendations addressed to the EU Member States and the EU Institutions. These recommendations serve as a basis for decision-makers to adopt an ambitious European or national agenda to support the cultural and creative industries.

Through our close work with key people in the EU Institutions and our central role in a large number of EU funded projects, we are among the leaders in Europe when it comes to understanding EU policy developments and the evolving regulatory frame work.

"The Policy Round Table Program gave me the opportunity to discuss and question the content and structure of my program in a guided workshop with international experts''

Karin Empprechtinger
Manager Creat(iv) Solutions Program
''This method has the advantage of reaching a large number of key sectors and actively participate in the revitalization of these sectors while promoting the development of the Creative Industry sectors''
Candice Rosen
Financial Analyst

''Due to Regional Creative Industries Alliance and the Policy Peer Review in Bolzano and all your immense effort, our government has put Creative Industries in their paper!''
Renate Ranzi
Head of Film Location Development and Ecosystem film & Creative industries

Areas of expertise

Our Advisory Services

Our expert knowledge reflects specific situations and challenges which cultural and creative businesses are confronted with. We have assisted a wide range of public and semi-public authorities and international organisations with the development and implementation of ambitious horizontal or sector specific strategies for the cultural and creative businesses.

Therefore, we offer solid advice and suggest solutions curated specifically for your business and help them to grow and succeed. A key objective in many of these strategies has been to help individual businesses see opportunities and expand beyond their national boarders leading to job creation.

We offer a wide range services in collaboration with our national partners, including advisory on:

  • how to help businesses in the cultural and creative sector expand beyond national boarders and exploit the potential of international markets.
  • how local and regional authorities can help and assist businesses in the cultural and creative sector.
  • how to influence decision-makers to better understand and prioritize efforts to support the cultural and creative sector
  • how to organize conferences, roundtables and debates with participation European or global leaders each in their field of expertise
  • how to work with partners across Europe and create a consortium benefitting from EU funded programs and calls for projects (e.g. Interreg Europe, COSME, Erasmus+)

We produce reports, studies, carry out research and draft policy analyses, aimed at helping decision-makers understand the full impact of their actions. We assist them in drawing up proposals that better meet the expectations of the cultural and creative businesses.

We produce educational material and tailor-made curriculums, targeting innovators and start ups in the creative economy. We help organizing the relevant education and training for start ups and innovators.

If you have any questions or just want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can reach us at

We are looking forward to working with you.

Advisory Experts

Creative Business Network includes a large number of experts within the field of cultural and creative industries, the creative economy, startups and innovation. They offer advice on public policies; what cities, regions, governments and other public authorities can do to attract, support and benefit from the creative industries.

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