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Creative Business Cup is an annual global competition, enrolling participants from more than 80 countries from all over the world. The competition is for creative and innovative startups and is shaped by a shared goal of all the National Partners in Creative Business Network, of connecting and empowering the cultural and creative industries worldwide.


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Creative Business Cup has a 12-year history and traditionally consists of three main parts:

1. National competitions held by national partners in 80+ countries. Each country runs its own Creative Business Cup with the aim of promoting and supporting creative entrepreneurs. National competitions culminate in the annual Creative Business Cup Global Finals, held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The national competitions for the Creative Business Cup 2024 are currently open. Please be aware that each national partner sets its own deadlines for submission

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2. Educational and training program for all national winners - Creative Business Academy. Before Creative Business Cup Global Finals, all national winners receive dedicated training via a customized program to help them refine and develop their ideas and concepts into sustainable businesses.

3. The Creative Business Cup Global Finals bring together more than creative supernovas from around the world, culminating each year in Copenhagen. These innovators strive to win the title of the 'World’s Best Creative Startup.' The event not only offers a chance to compete for various prizes but also provides opportunities for networking and inspiration. Attendees have the privilege of gaining insights from brilliant keynote speakers, engaging with jury members, connecting with investors and experts, and seizing a unique opportunity for global exposure.

To get inspired, read the article about The Creative Business Cup 2023 Global Finals


Creative entrepreneurs across the world are welcome to apply for the competition. There are no requirements for the participating company concerning age, turnover or number of employees.

The entrepreneur should:      
- Have the core asset of the business based on creative competencies.
- Be commercial, the concept must have market potential.
- Own the right of the idea with which he or she is entering the competition.
- Be registered as a legal entity in their country.
- Not have received more than 1.000.000 USD of external capital investment in the past. 

The Creative Industries include advertising, architecture, craft & artisan, design, experience technologies, fashion, film video & photography, gastronomy, leisure activities, music, performing arts, publishing, radio & television, software – computer game & electronic, 3D printer maker, toys & games. 

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If your goal is to support and develop creative industries and entrepreneurship, we invite you to join our Network and run Creative Business Cup in your country. As a National Partner, you will benefit from international exposure and gain positive recognition at national and global level by representing your country at the Global Finals in June 2023.

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CBC Winners



A compact, translucent, and even transparent roof, indistinguishable from ordinary roofs, which protects the city roof landscape and the privacy inside. NEBESYS facilitates the using of under-roof spaces in urban conservation zones and thus reduces the housing development in an open landscape.



Plasticpreneur is developing, designing and manufacturing plastic recycling machines with the aim to create simple and safe access to plastic recycling and offer everything needed for turning plastic waste into new products


PHOTIO / Chile

Photio is a company that redefines the limits of the established, implementing, and rethinking products of massive use, such as paints, polymers and asphalt, giving them properties that redefine their application and use. Their goal is to transform the major sources of pollutant emissions into the solution to the problem, mixing academia and industry in disruptive solutions.


RAIKU / Estonia

RAIKU is a natural, beautiful, and soon the cheapest biodegradable alternative to bubble wrap made from wood. RAIKU is a natural, beautiful and will be the cheapest biodegradable alternative to plastic bubble wrap, that is made out of wood industry's waste.


LAPEE / Denmark

Simplicity, safety and efficiency. For the first time, Lapee allows women to pee quickly, safely and hygienically during outdoor events, or anywhere the toilets are pressured. Lapee is the world's first female version of the industrialized outdoor urinals.


6DEGREES / Israel

6Degrees works as an adaptive, motion-based, learning algorithm implemented within a hands-free controller that connects to all operating systems and simulates a finger on a touchscreen, joystick or mouse



Years ahead of its time, CellRobot is the newest and smartest modular robot available. With a heart, multiple cells, and a little bit of imagination, the user harnesses the power of their very own robot.


/ Germany

Green City Solutions present an urban tree covered by moss cultures that consumes particular matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone with the same effect as 275 natural urban trees. The City Tree provides clean and cool air and in a profitable way fights air pollution.


BLITAB / Austria

Blitab is the world's first tablet for blind and visually impaired people. It is multi- functional device for Braille reading and writing that displays one whole page of Braille text, without any mechanical elements. For the first time blind people can confidently go to the park and read their favorite e-book, chat with friends and navigate back to their homes


/ Poland

Professor Why is an interactive computer game teaching science. The educational game helps teenagers understand a complicated world of chemistry and lets them carry out their own chemical experiments in a safe way in a virtual laboratory using Augmented Reality.


/ Croatia

Teddy the Guardian is a plush teddy bear with embedded sensors that measure a child's heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and body temperature. The sensors then send the data using wireless technologies to a parent's smartphone or directly to a pediatrician.

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