Women’s entrepreneurship


June 16, 2020

What do all women deal with? What do they have in common? What connects them?

These questions have occupied society for many years and with good reason.
Women make up half of the population and despite this gender balance, the balance in social areas such as equality, civil rights, security and professional success is fragmentary or even non-existent. On a global level and depending on region, culture and religion, these differences are much more differentiated although they are the same human rights or desires that women have in common. But exactly these similarities are the key point to fight all the negativity and make the female community strong.  

Women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment are in the foreground when it comes to developing and improving the global society.

Despite the sometimes slow development in many areas of life for women all over the world, there has also been an ongoing progress, which cannot be ignored. Creativity and innovative ideas play an important role here, because it is the seemingly small or unimportant thoughts that can ultimately have an enormous impact and improve society by encouraging women’s rights. For this reason, women’s entrepreneurship is an important spotlight for Creative Business Network, because we want to support and empower women in various businesses, by celebrating their ideas, commitment, courage and experiences in diversity, equality, inclusion and moreover success.  

A perfect example of a success story in this area is Lapee, a Danish start-up that won the Creative Business Cup 2019. Lapee is the world’s first female version of the industrialized outdoor urinals. Now, women are provided with the same ability to be safe and easy at outdoor events like men always have been. Therefore, the invention of this urinal is a success in the field of gender equality. From now on, women do not have to lose time in endless lines at outdoor events and can enjoy their time to the fullest. Nevertheless, it is not only a question of equal rights but also of hygiene and safety for women. They no longer have to “hide behind bushes” and be ashamed of it. Behind this idea of developing safety for women are Gina Périer and Alexander Egebjerg. With LaPee, they are actively proving that it is wrong to see discrimination and ignore it. These gaps in inequality need to be highlighted and addressed through creativity and courage.

These success stories of women’s entrepreneurship, are important to share in order to inspire other women, to encourage them and to stimulate creativity in them. They must have the advantages in front of them, in order to live out their own creativity. Because creativity is a fundamental area in the history of mankind, which connects people (albeit sometimes subconsciously) and improves our lives in many different ways, it is important to take the chance and be a part of this improvement –  share your feminine power and knowledge with us!

About the author: Annette Rommel is currently working as “Partner Development Assistant” at Creative Business Network. She has an educational background in B.A Sociology and incoming M.A Communication Management. She is primarily working on Strategic Communication, Partnership Development and Marketing Management.


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