Winner of CBC and then what?


April 26, 2016
CBN Team

Joining the CBC Community and experiencing Creative Business Cup is in itself pretty awesome (or at least, that’s what we hear). However, it’s also important to keep in touch and once in a while pick up the phone and give past attendees a call. We love to hear how all the CBC startups are doing and if we are lucky, they let us share their stories.

We asked the CBC Community how they were doing and if they had any exciting news. Winner of Creative Business Cup 2014 Professor Why (CTAdventure), didn’t hesitate to reply – hear why and read more about their exciting adventure after participating in CBC.

Winner of CBC and then what?

CTAdventure has been very busy since winning Creative Business Cup in 2014. In the last year the owners have changed their business profile from producing software and games with Augmented Reality (AR) technology to focusing on the complete process of game developing. Because of this shift the company’s name has also changed – now it’s officially ‘Professor Why’. This underscores the new orientation of the company to develop its game series as they are now their main products.

Formal changes also concerned the company’s shareholding. The owners of Professor Why raised funds from private investors amounting at a total of 500 000 €! Most of this covers the cost of producing Professor Why’s new game and also the cost of worldwide marketing and promotion.

The company’s most important step this last year has been the expansion of the distribution network. New distribution channels were launched, both traditional and digital. This means that Professor Why is now available on the world’s biggest game distribution platform – Steam! Thanks to votes from Steam users, Professor Why Chemistry game has cleared the Steam Greenlight process and got permission to enter the official Steam distribution platform. From now on users from around the world can purchase the English version of Professor Why Chemistry.

But this is not the end of exciting news – the most important is the release of their new game “Professor Why: The Challenge of the Crystal eye”. The game will be completely different from “Professor Why Chemistry”. Instead of implementing AR technology, they have focused on providing players with the best graphics, more stories, more gags – simply put -more fun. One thing hasn’t changed at all – Professor Why still inspires players to discover the world of science, this time focusing on the field of Physics. In other words, the innovative approach to learning, developed by the owners of Professor Why, enters a whole new level.

The final step of the company’s transformation, is going public on Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) which is planned for 2016. Professor Why will make its debut on the NewConnect – the alternative stock exchange of WSE.  Taking in account the huge success of the Polish game industry, driven by titles such as The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, the Professor Why team strongly believe that now is their time to shine!

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