The Future of Food


June 5, 2019
CBN Team

What can the creative industries do to gear up for the ground-breaking changes that await them in the food industry? And more importantly, what are they doing already?

Aiming to answer this, we traced the best-in-class creatives in our network working with the food industry and here are some startling innovations we discovered!

  1. Sugar the right way and the right things too!

With the recent trends of consumers being more and more health-conscious and looking for alternatives to refined sugar, organic food has been the norm for a while. However, some companies go the extra mile with sugarcoating not just organically, but also to highlight the artists and causes they believe in.  Take for example Creative Business Cup 2019 juror and speaker, Sarah E Endline’s ‘sweetriot’, ‘a disruptive, socially conscious candy company. sweetriot sourced dark chocolate directly in Latin America, featured packaging by emerging artists, and used all-natural, organic, healthy ingredients.’ The company won some notable accolades, including features on The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Vanity Fair and the Huffington Post.

  1. Want not, waste not!

The World Food Program reported that ‘If wasted food were a country, it would be the third largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world, after the U.S. and China’.  One among many innovative solutions in this regard is Creative Business Cup Denmark 2017 winner, AM Breweries, with the mission to turn natural waste into delicious taste.  The duo work together to create sustainable and delicious cold drinks from coffee leaves, and in the process score high on sustainability and organic produce. Another noteworthy mention is Plant Jammer, a website that helps you empty your fridge by suggesting plant-bases recipes.  Plant Jammer won Creative Business Cup’s collaborative event with Digital Thailand Big Bang in 2018.

  1. The next big superfood… BUGS!

It’s full of nutrition, cost-friendly and an upcoming trend… Cue products like Jungle Bar, a protein bar made with dates, sesame, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, chocolate and wait for it, cricket flour, the insect ingredient! Cricket flour is made of nutritious crickets that have been specially farmed for human consumption in a very sustainable way. These crickets are dried and ground down to fine flour which then is mixed with the other ingredients to make the final product. Jungle Bar represented team Iceland at Creative Business Cup 2014.

  1. Food as a cultural experience

Gastronomy, tourism and creativity combined can make for an exciting story, illustrated by the likes of Miss Can from Portugal, who has previously won the Arla Foods Innovation Challenge at Creative Business Cup 2015.

  1. Instagrammable breakfasts

In the run to be healthy and Instagrammable at the same time, oatmeal wins hands down according to Fast Company. Creative Business Cup Denmark 2014 winner, Grød, capitalized on this early on and opened the world’s first porridge bar in Copenhagen.

Some awesome ideas right there! And we have more upcoming in our spotlight on ‘The Future of Food’ on 1-2 July! Grab your ticket on and stay tuned.

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