In 2015 the winner of Creative Business Cup was the Austrian startup BLITAB with their tablet for blind people.This is what the jury said back in 2015

March 30, 2017
CBN Team

“These entrepreneurs are passionate. The idea is social and innovative. The technology could be revolutionary creating the right marriage between technology and social structures. Blitab opens up the world to people who cannot see, and encourage the blind to bring more solutions in the future.”

So, what have these passionate entrepreneurs been up to since they won the Global Finals in 2015? We had a quick talk with Kristina Tsvetanova co-founder and CEO of BLITAB

What has happened since you won in 2015?

After participating and winning in 2015 we finalized our Beta Prototype Device this year and did a successful Launch at Mobile World Congress Shanghai in July 2016. We won several other prestigious global competitions like Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) , Global Winner 2016 (Finals in Bangkok) and 2016 Innovation Coast Competition, USC Marshall, USA.

Since winning in 2015, we have declined one investor proposal. We are still looking for strategic VC partners to introduce the product to the market and are now following up on all the interested parties. After reducing the technical risks, we now have a functional prototype and the utility patent has been granted.

What did you get out of participating in CBC?

After the CBC finals, we got a lot of press exposure and connected with VCs and potential customers and partners worldwide. We had a testing session with Maestro Andrea Bocelli, with Pater Thiel and the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and met partners from all over the world, from US to Japan.

You Launched your beta version – how are things going?

Launching the beta version in July was an important step in the development phase of BLITAB. Many experts, investors and users were waiting for this moment. It was a tremendous event in Shanghai where we also won the 4YFN start-up competition and proved that BLITAB is not only a social product but also an awesome business opportunity.

What does the future look like for BLITAB?

Next step is to embed the chip technology into other industries that have shown interest in other implementations and applications. To maintain BLITAB’s success and reach a more broaden market you must remain creative.

Any good advice for future participants?

If we had to give one piece of advice to other participants it would be to come prepared when pitching your idea (expect more than 10 pitches within three days). Be optimistic and give it your best. Network as much as possible because you never know where the “big opportunity” might come from.

Learn more about BLITAB on their website –


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