Advisory Services
Policy development reports

Policy development reports

Based on strong experience and qualified expertise, Creative Business Network offers an advisory service on impacting government policies for the creative industries.

Creative Business Network as a part of the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) developed 10 policy recommendations to maximize the innovative contributions of Europe’s creative industries.


  1. Introduce creative innovation voucher schemes
  2. Stimulate cross-sectoral innovation through public-private innovation challenges
  3. Test new and review existing business support services and financing schemes
  4. Develop and support capacity building in regional clusters
  5. Enable and support SME internationalization efforts
  6. Launch new and innovative financing schemes to support creative SMEs
  7. Stimulate investments in creative industries through effective regional ecosytems
  8. Support new initiatives to achieve better Intellectual Property Valuation for creative SMEs
  9. Map and measure the effects and value of the creative industries in the wider economy
  10. Incentivize and support stronger advocacy for cultural and creative industries