creative industries policy seminar

creative industries policy seminar

Why this is important

At the beginning of 2021, the UN pointed at the need to develop a sustainable and profitable Creative Economy through impact investment (check out the full report here). As areas with the greatest potential for innovation, that represent 5-15% of the total GDP in most economies, the Cultural and Creative Industries should be at the core of development plans across countries and fields.

Welcome creative industries Stakeholders and Policy Makers!

Creative Industry Policy Seminar is a pioneer training program specifically designed for public and private sector stakeholders and policymakers, focused on how to develop and implement cultural and creative industries policies. The program merges business and cultural–wise knowledge areas, in order to address how Cultural and Creative Industry-policy can develop market value (jobs, growth, exports and innovation) as well as non-market values (identity, meaning).

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The Creative Industry Policy Seminar will be run through our online community at Click below to register and gain access to the course.

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A quick guide

The course consists of 20 hours of creative and innovate training in June, where the following elements will be covered:

Better business support

  • Business development support services
  • Innovative financing schemes
  • Capacity building in local or regional clusters
  • Enable internationalization efforts
  • Stimulate investments in creative industries
  • Developing Intellectual Property strategies

Measure and raise awareness of the value of the CCIs as drivers of innovation and growth

  • Measuring the effects and value of the creative industries in the wider economy
  • Incentivize and support stronger advocacy for cultural and creative industries

Stimulate innovation and growth by enabling cross-sectoral collaboration

  • Introduce creative innovation voucher schemes
  • Stimulate cross-sectoral innovation