Creative Business Academy for Statups

Creative Business Academy for Startups

The platform providing business skills for creatives.

Creative Business Academy is an Online Business Development and Internationalization course for Startups within the Creative Industries:

  • Fashion Music New Media, Movies
  • Entertainment Publishing Gaming
  • Adventure, Sports Design Tourism, Hospitality
  • Craftmanship, Architecture, Play & Learn
  • Will improve your business skills and help you understand the opportunities and challenges in front of you.

Innovative educational approach

Combining both the latest findings of educational science with the newest technological solutions.

The course consists of 30-40 hours over 4 weeks. You’ll improve your business skills, understand the global creative startup ecosystem, gain valuable insights into the world of investment and network with some of the brightest minds across the globe.

What to expect

You will get a solid knowledge and tools to develop strategies to impact the future of your business. Creative Business Academy, among others, covers following topics:

  • Business Development
  • Internationalization
  • Legal Issues and IPR
  • Market Analysis, Trends and Forecasts
  • Promotion
  • Top-notch trainers

Creative Business Academy Global Finalist 2021

Enter into an exclusive training program with our top – performing entrepreneurs from all over the world.

This Creative Business Academy is an exclusive experience dedicated to all our National Winners, who have been selected in the national startup competitions (Creative Business Cups).  

The academy, which is free of charge, will improve your business skills and help you understand the opportunities and challenges for your business. The trainers are experts and partners of the global Creative Business Network from all over the world.

This year we will have both the winners from the national Creative Business Cups 2020 and 2021 will be pitching online at the Global Finals during BRIGHT.

What our participants are saying

Mind-blowing experience! Amazing speakers, perfect organization, crazy-as-you entrepreneurs and true care. The only thing you would regret is that CBA ends someday! I know that this project marked a new starting point for our company and I cannot express how grateful I am for it!

Nadiia Korobchuk
Co-founder, Big Story
The Creative Business Academy was an extremely useful case for my project development. Every lecture gave me not only an amazing mentor experience,, but it gives a lot of inspiration, day by day. So afterwards, I have a clear vision about how and where should I move further to make a powerful project. And I would like to do that ASAP!

Olga Lyubarova
Co-founder & CEO of DreamCast
These two weeks meant less rest but more satisfaction. Very precious switching from your usual environment to a 100% concentrated creative initiative community. You'll meet a bunch of like-minded people from your region and international specialists to answer all of your questions. This extremely professional team fills the gaps in your knowledge and fuels your ambitions to grow.

Bohdan Volynskyi
Creative Business Academy was a great opportunity to improve yourself, develop your company and remove the borders in your head! Thank you for the great speakers, interesting community, professional mentors and useful answers for my questions. Highly recommend!

Ihor Khodakevych
Founder, Animation Studio