3-4 June 2023

Foreign Mentor Weekend Denmark 2023

Intensive mentoring program for Danish startups
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Foreign Mentor Weekend Denmark 2023
3-4 June 2023

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3-4 June 2023


DISIE, Copenhagen, Denmark
DISIE, Copenhagen, Denmark

Unlock your startup's global potential with top mentors!

Elevate your creative startup to new heights with Foreign Mentor Weekend Denmark 2023 on 3-4 June, 2023. This exclusive mentoring program is tailored specifically for Danish creative and innovative startups, providing invaluable connections with experienced international mentors and investors.

Foreign Mentor Weekend Denmark focuses on accelerating your startup's growth and innovation by emphasizing internationalization, expertise, business development, and partnerships.

What to expect at Foreign Mentor Weekend Denmark:

Startup presentations: Showcase your business idea, plans, and concerns to a panel of expert mentors.

Mentor feedback sessions: Gain insights and guidance from 10 diverse mentors, and choose your preferred mentor for one-on-one sessions.

Three personalized 45-minute meetings with your chosen mentor: Receive tailored advice to overcome your startup's challenges.

Informal networking and communication during lunchtime and breaks: Connect with fellow founders, mentors, and potential partners.

3 June, Saturday

DISIE, Enghavevej 80, Copenhagen

12:00–12:30 - Welcome to Foreign Mentor Weekend
12:30–13:30 - Startup presentations for mentors
13:30–14:00 - Lunch
14:00–14:45 - Mentor feedback session
14:45–15:00 - Break
15:00–15:45 - 1:1 meetings, first round

4 June, Sunday

DISIE, Enghavevej 80, Copenhagen

14:00–14:15 - Welcome, 2nd day of Foreign Mentor Weekend
14:15–15:00 - 1:1 meetings, second round
15:15–16:00 - 1:1 meetings, third round

5 June, Monday

Volume, Enghavevej 80, Copenhagen

Creative Business Cup Global Finals: Network with mentors, speakers, and investors at the event and seize the opportunity to forge new partnerships. All Foreign Mentor Weekend participants receive free tickets.

Applications are closed.

For questions and additional information, please contact Olga Kizina at olk@cbnet.com.

Jury & speakers

Melisa İtmeç

General Coordinator, EGIAD Angels - Business Angel Investors Network

David Richards

Freelance consultant

Adina Schneider

CEO, Justin's Design

Safa Sharif

Co-Founder, WSI Consulting

Jasmina Nikolic

Client Service Director, New Moment communication network, SEE

Michalis Stangos

VP & Partner, L-Stone Capital

Derin Keskin

Investor Relations - Eastern Europe & Central Asia Regional Director of DOMiNO Ventures

Bogdan Turudija

Client Service Director, New Moment

Sarah E. Endline

Entrepreneur in Residence, Harvard Business School

Joanne Flynn Black

Community Builder & Management Consultant, launch b4

Sven Franzen


Anna Petrova

Founder & CEO, Startup Ukraine


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