Anna Petrova

Founder & CEO, Startup Ukraine

Anna Petrova is the Founder and CEO of Startup Ukraine. She is a vivacious and highly business development-oriented individual with an innovative and impact entrepreneurship mindset. Anna has played a pivotal role in promoting entrepreneurship culture and education in Ukraine, serving as an ideologist and visionary for projects such as Startup Ukraine, Selfmade Woman Community, and Wake up Call.

With over 20 years of versatile expertise in project management, including 11 years dedicated to impact entrepreneurship and ten years in leadership programs, Anna brings a wealth of experience to her endeavors. Her accomplishments include being featured on Forbes and being listed on Forbes 30 under 30 at the age of 28.

Driven by a genuine philosophy, Anna is committed to utilizing her solid competencies to build mission-based entrepreneurship ecosystems that generate a significant impact and make the world a better place.