Melisa İtmeç

Melisa İtmeç

General Coordinator, EGIAD Angels - Business Angel Investors Network

Melisa Itmec, who completed her studies in the Department of Business Administration at Izmir Dokuz Eylul University in 2015, has developed her expertise in entrepreneurship, business model canvas, startups, angel investment, mentoring, scouting, business development, and project development. Since 2016, Melisa has worked as the General Coordinator of EGIAD Angels, an Angel Investment Network, for over seven years.

Melisa is focused on supporting startups through their access to finance journey, having evaluated over 2,000 startups, organized 33 pitch events, and participated in over 30 investment rounds. Her understanding of the startup ecosystem is further enhanced by her interest in the interactions between various disruptive technologies and their impact on different sectors.