Startup Trends To Look Out For This 2020


January 21, 2020

A new year often signifies new beginnings, new opportunities, new inventions and new trends to look out for. And if you are someone working in the creative industries – this is something you must know. So, put your 2020 googles on and let’s zoom in on those startup trends this year!

According to startupbasics – here are the trends to look out for this 2020.

1. Taking Al to new heights
Almost everyone knows what AL is. Its concept spread like wildfire so it is no longer a rookie in the business world. Infact it can be found everywhere – in your analytics, marketing tools, customer service platforms, digital ads, and in your smartphones.
Al works in mysterious ways – it does not look like what we’re expecting. It is working in the background to make processes more efficient, faster, and accurate. An AI can do a wide variety of things that would normally demand human intelligence such as pattern recognition, decision-making, and creative endeavors.

2. Voice Recognition Technology: Trend of the year?
You’re probably wondering why Voice Recognition is on the list when it has been there since it got introduced by Apple through Siri back in 2011. But – it is like this year’s pantone. Virtual assistants are no longer a mysterious product but a necessity in today’s lifestyle. It is everywhere – businesses, cars, and homes.
According to startupbasics, there are various opportunities for voice recognition technology in business services, manufacturing, education, healthcare, agriculture, and field service. Combined with Artificial Intelligence, startups can receive the taste of triumph in 2020 by creating voice recognition technologies that meet the needs of a specific niche.

3. Blockchain: there’s more to it
If you think Blockchain already had its time to shine last year – that’s where you’re wrong. In fact, the demand for blockchain developers is expected to be higher this year than ever before.
Many companies have been exploring blockchain’s potential in terms of catering a much secure and efficient process to their everyday operations. So it will be utterly difficult to not mention blockchain in general. In fact, blockchain is definitely one of the startup trends as the industry matures.

4. Offline retail: blast from the past?
It might be the new year but it seems like we are going back in time already. Yes, you’ve read it right. According to startupbasics ‘’offline retail’’ is expected to become a side feature of online purchasing. It is said that this year, it will enable customers to interact with the products way more before placing the products on virtual baskets online. So – if you are a startup, perhaps you can think of creative ways you can cater the needs of customers through this offline experience.


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