Startups in Africa are having an impact


October 8, 2019
CBN Team

Africa confronts some of the world’s most dramatic health crises. It’s a large continent and many countries in Africa continue battling HIV/AIDS, malaria, high rates of maternal and newborn mortality. These issues are not just an Africa issue, they are a global issue and will have a global impact. Innovation and new ways of thinking are key to overcoming these challenges.

Startups are stepping up and having an impact. Healthcare tech entrepreneurs are working across the continent to generate solutions for the issues their communities face, and oftentimes innovative apps or accessible electronic equipment are working to lessen the burdens healthcare providers face, or provide access where it might not be otherwise.  It’s a very simple problem-to-solution equation.

Take, for example, KEA Medicals, one of 10 African startups that French drugmaker Sanofi selected to bring to VivaTechnology, a Paris-based tech conference that connects startups with big corporates. KEA Medicals aims to bring real-world solutions to real-world problems through telemedicine – the much-anticipated solution for developing economies.

Sanofi plans to continue working with three of the 10 startups it selected to bring to Vivatechnology.

The goal of Sanofi and the startups is to improve life expectancy and access to medical solutions throughout the African continent.


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