Culture Innovation Call


September 2, 2019
CBN Team

Calling for proposals!

You now have the opportunity to submit your proposal and take part in cultural innovation.

The European Commission is in the process of implementing a pilot project: ‘’Platform(s) for cultural content innovation’’. This project aims to converge players from different content industries and imprint a mindset of innovation and partnership through the sharing of experiences, data and knowledge which should bring about more innovation and the development of new business models in the European content industries.

Who are eligible to participate?

To be eligible, the applicant(s) must:

– be a public or private organization with a legal personality,

– natural persons are not eligible to apply for a grant under this call.

For British applicants: Please be aware that eligibility criteria must be complied with for the entire duration of the grant. If the United Kingdom withdraws from the EU during the grant period without concluding an agreement with the EU ensuring in particular that British applicants continue to be eligible, you will cease to receive EU funding (while continuing, where possible, to participate) or be required to leave the project on the basis of Article II.17.3 of the grant agreement.

To be eligible, the applicant(s) must be active in the content industry, which covers, inter alia, the following industries: audiovisual, multimedia, book and press publishing, music and recording.

Affiliated entities: Legal entities having a legal or capital link with applicants, which is neither limited to the action nor established for the sole purpose of its implementation, may take part in the action as affiliated entities and may declare eligible costs.

For that purpose, applicants shall identify such affiliated entities in the application form.

“Sole” applicant: An application may be submitted by one applicant (the “sole” applicant), whether established specifically or not for the action, provided that:

– it is formed of several legal entities complying with the eligibility, non-exclusion and selection criteria set out in this call for proposals, and implementing together the proposed action;

– the application identifies the said entities.

Country of establishment: Only applications from legal entities established (having their registered legal office) in EU Member States are eligible.

Application process?

Applicants will be informed in writing about the results of the selection process.

Application forms are available

Applications must be submitted in the correct form, duly completed and dated. They must be submitted in 3 copies (1original clearly identified as such, plus 2 copies) and signed by the person authorised to enter into legally binding commitments on behalf of the applicant organisation.

Where applicable, all additional information considered necessary by the applicant can be included on separate sheets.

Applications must be sent to the following address:

European Commission

Directorate General Communication Networks, Content and Technology

Directorate I – Unit I3- Audiovisual Industry and Media Support Programmes

For the attention of the Head of Unit

Office: BU25 05/130

1049 Brussels

Belgium 23

 by registered post (evidence will be constituted by the postmark),

 by hand-delivery, (evidence will be constituted by the acknowledgment of receipt), or

 by courier service (evidence will be constituted by the acknowledgment of receipt).

NOTE: Applications sent only by e-mail will not be accepted.

In addition to the submission by registered mail, an electronic version of the following documents must be submitted by 20/09/2019 (PM 24:00 Brussels time at the latest) to the following email address:

– grant application form (pdf searchable format)

– estimated budget (excel format)

– declarations of honor (signed and scanned)

– tables with the financial figures filled in with the relevant statutory accounting figures

Deadline for submitting applications: 20/09/2019

The applicants will receive more information around November 2019.

To know more about the call proposal, click here


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