World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum

Achieving the SDGs through Entrepreneurship & Innovation

September 30, 2019
CBN Team

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World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum is set to kick off its 18th Arab Annual Investors Summit on the 11th to the 13th of November 2019 and will take place in the kingdom of Bahrain – and we are offering a small delegation of 5 danish startups the exclusive opportunity to participate in the WEIF!

It will promote and highlight the role of impactful investment and innovation towards economic development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, while showcasing the current challenges and opportunities towards sustainable economic development in developing countries. This year’s theme puts the limelight to the digital revolution and Industry 4.0, entrepreneurship and innovation and the financial inclusion of entrepreneurs.

WEIF 2019 coupled with the Arab Annual Investors Summit will serve as a unique platform for governments, investors, private sector, academia, financial institutions, civil society and entrepreneurs from the Arab region, Africa and eventually the world to explore possibilities of sharing best practices and experiences, cooperation, joint investments and business partnerships.

Thus, don’t miss out on having an exclusive opportunity to connect with investors and engage with startups across the world! Note that the trip expenses is paid for and local accommodation will be provided by the organizers.

Interested and want to join? Kindly send an email to – until 7th of October 2019.


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