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March 11, 2021
CBN Team

Rokoko started their journey in the Creative Business Cup in 2013 and have since grown to a company with 45 employees. Their headquarteres are in Copenhagen, Denmark, and they have teams located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Athens. Rokoko’s vision is to give all creative teams access to quick, non-intrusive, and intuitive animation tools, and so far they have sold to more than 100 countries.

Rokoko’s range of hardware and software products are making professional 3D character animation accessible to one-man army indie creators as well as some of the biggest animation production companies in the world, including Netflix, Sony, Microsoft, Disney. Creators in more than 100 countries are today leveraging Rokoko’s tools to turn any space into a professional animation studio while paying a fraction of what high-end animation usually costs.

Making Motion Capture Available for All Creatives

Motion capture used to be a technology that you could only use in large Hollywood studios with huge budgets and technical staff to operate the systems.

With Rokoko’s motion capture tools such as; Smartsuit Pro, Smartgloves and face capture, creators can set up the systems anywhere, operate them single-handedly, and pay less than $4000 for a full performance capture system that usually costs anywhere from 10 to 100 times that.

In 2020 Rokoko added finger tracking to the product line to offer tracking of every part of an actor’s performance. Along with the software tools, there is simply no part of the character animation process that you can’t solve within Rokoko’s ecosystem.

Word has it that Rokoko are looking to expand into other areas such as sport and health. Stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram to learn more about the future of Rokoko.

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