5 steps to creating a totally rad startup culture

Yes, you can be totally rad with a staff of 3

October 4, 2019
CBN Team

Creating a culture of excellence is important – especially for startups. How you craft this mission is what could make or break your success. Everything you do as a leader will lay the foundation for what your startup culture stands for – and what your brand stands for. As a founder, how you lead will always define you culture, so your job as a founder is to decide what you stand for. Look to Google, but only for a second because they have more than a staff of three.

5 ideas to create a totally rad startup culture:

  1. Create a culture of inclusion: Everyone has a voice. Everyone has ideas. Listen. Encourage. And foster an environment in which everyone is heard.
  2. Create a culture of ideas and playfulness: It’s ok to goof off. It’s ok to encourage play, It’s ok to step away from the computer. No matter how small your staff is let them experiment. Encourage creativity.
  3. Allow a difference of opinion. This goes without saying, but invite new ways of thinking, weird ideas, and quirky thoughts. Plus, it’s fun. See Lego example.
  4. Hire people smarter than you. D’uh. This is how you create something special, and more importantly, it’s how you innovate and create a sustainable business.
  5. Create a culture based on trust. If you do nothing else, trust the people you work with. If you do not trust, your company will fail. See the WeWork example.

Starting a business is not easy.. In fact most fail within the first three years, but if you build your idea on a foundation of cultural excellence, your future is that much brighter.

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