SPECTRA: Stimulating Performance in Creative Territories and Regional Actors

An innovative project aimed at improving regional ecosystems, facilitating more effective support for individuals in the creative industries. Developed for various stakeholders, SPECTRA aims to foster interconnected ecosystems that are more inclusive, diverse, sustainable, adaptive, and resilient.

SPECTRA's primary vision is to cultivate regional ecosystems for more efficient support of cultural and creative industry actors. Whether you're a Public Sector Innovator or part of Ecosystem Stakeholders and European Networks, SPECTRA offers opportunities for learning, networking and building regional initiatives, collaboration, and access to investment opportunities in cultural and creative industries.

The project collaborates with key partners such as Media Deals (Germany), West Development Commission (Ireland), CREW Creative Enterprise (Ireland), and Innobridge Innovation Center (Bulgaria), leveraging the expertise of Creative Business Network in building regional collaborations. Together, we explore new ways to support and develop creative ecosystems across Europe.

How can you benefit from SPECTRA?

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