SPECTRA Description for CBN website:

The SPECTRA proposal embodies the collaborative vision of 8 partners (including 3 associate partners) representing 4 regional ecosystems – an emerging innovator region in Bulgaria (North-Central-BG), moderate innovator region in Ireland (Northern and Western), together with lead innovator regions in Denmark (Hovedstaden) and Germany (Berlin).

SPECTRA will put in place key ingredients required to equip the emerging innovator and moderate innovator regions with a more responsive, resilient ecosystem, capable of growing and developing coordinated responses to many challenges creative industries are facing to achieve the National and European goals. This will be based on interaction with 2 successful initiatives - Media Deals Investment Network and Creative Business Network.

SPECTRA will harness and multiply the power of individual ecosystem initiatives to enhance participation of financiers/investors and women innovators - resulting in enhanced, more inter-connected, diverse, gender-responsive, competitive, and sustainable ecosystems. Additionally, SPECTRA will include activities that will encourage development of joint strategies and amplify collaboration.

Stakeholders will benefit extensively from the advanced business support models developed to fast-track start-ups, produce scale-ups, avail of best practice, new systems, structures and tools, as well as data-driven & carbon-reducing challenge-based innovation methods, case studies, role models, cross-sectoral and intra-territorial learning - engaging over 1000 stakeholders over 30 workshops, experiments/challenges, huddles and roundtables, supporting over 100 start-ups and SMEs and creating an excess of 300 new linkages.

SPECTRA measures will be integrated within the context of policy, economic, societal framework and implemented on a transversal and transdisciplinary basis, encouraging the maximum output in terms of potential for additional new linkages, interconnections, joint initiatives and replication.