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February 18, 2021
Edoardo Montenegro

Are you interested in the future of education? Which competencies are key today and how we can learn them? This webinar on XXI Century Skills will give you the chance to meet scientists and innovators from the U.S. and Japan. Get ready for a play & learn session with This Is CBN Science.

Thursday 18 February 2021, from 13:00 to 14:00 CET, we will host a “This Is CBN Science” webinar about XXI Century Skills.

Charles Fadel, founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign in Boston will talk about “Four-Dimensional Education for the Age of Artificial Intelligence“.

Keisuke Kubota and Pablo Riveros, founders of Tsunagaru Edutech in Fukuoka will talk about “STREAM Education to achieve the vision of a Society 5.0 and SDGs“.


How to signup: 1) Join our online community at 2) Register your name and email. 3) Go to “Events” and find “XXI Century Skills – This Is CBN Science”. 4) Click “RSVP I’m going.” You will receive an email 15 minutes before the event starts.

Charles Fadel - Center for Curriculum Redesign

Charles Fadel is a global education thought leader and author, futurist and inventor; founder and chairman of Center for Curriculum Redesign; project director Harvard GSE; member President’s Council at Olin College of Engineering; chair education committee at BIAC/OECD; co-author of “Artificial Intelligence in Education” (2019); “Four-Dimensional Education” (framework in 21 languages) and best-selling “21st Century Skills”; founder and president Fondation Helvetica Educatio (Geneva, Switzerland). Has worked with education systems and institutions in more than 30 countries. Spent 25 years in technology management (M/A-COM; Analog Devices); founder of Neurodyne AI; formerly Global Education Lead at Cisco Systems, visiting scholar at MIT ESG and Wharton/Penn CLO, angel investor with Beacon Angels. BSEE, MBA, seven patents.

Pablo Riveros - Tsunagaru Edutech - Fukuoka

Pablo Riveros has more than fifteen years of professional experience working industry-academia. Spanning emerging technology, digital learning and roles internationally, his special interests include smart campus technology, edu technology solutions, HE, VR-AR-MR, robotics, class automation and Society 5.0. Most recently, he has worked as Educational Designer at the University of Queensland, Australia. He has done co-research using chatbots in virtual classroom, mixed reality and immersive learning experience, among others cutting edge projects. He is Founder and CEO of Tsunagaru Edutech, based in Fukuoka City – Japan.

Keisuke Kubota - Tsunagaru Edutech

Keisuke Kubota has committed himself to the social good he does and the positive social impact he makes in the last few years through studying social entrepreneurship in San Francisco, building a social business in Uganda, joining a media startup based in the US that features social entrepreneurs around the world.


Center for Curriculum Redesign
Tsunagaru Edutech

Photo: Matthias Heyde – A jumble of letters – Unsplash

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