Welcome to the Adventure Zone

Where adrenaline and business collide

November 1, 2018
CBN Team

Welcome to the newest sector of the Creative Business Cup – the Adventure Zone — a place where we celebrate adrenaline junkies (including startups) who do crazy things in the adventure, outdoor, skydiving and sports sectors – things that require a helmet and a prayer. In life and business, on a motorcycle or pitching to VCs, you go where you look, so mind the potholes.

CBC embraces all sectors of business, but this is our opportunity to embrace creative startups in the adventure, sports, outdoor, survival and general badass category.

Adventure can be anything from starting a solar farm in Africa to developing the next big thing in electric bikes. Or it can be how we experience walking up a mountain and jumping off – all in virtual reality. It’s the adventure of the journey that matters.

Just like in business.

At CBC, we want to acknowledge the creative minds experimenting in the adventure sector, which is why we’re featuring a conversation on Adventure at our Global Finals  — a place for content and adventurers, sponsors and partners because the global market for adventure is big and it’s growing. The global outdoor apparel market alone is estimated at $43.6 billion (USD), according to Euromonitor International and is expected to reach $231 billion by 2021.

Who is our audience? We like to think the world is because, frankly, adrenaline is fun to watch. But in the interest of storytelling, our audience is a collection of adrenaline enthusiasts: VCs, startups, adventurers, investors and people who want to make a mark, change the world and have maximum impact.

We know it takes a lot of guts to start a business in any sector, but this is our opportunity to take a walk on the wild side, jump from a plane and really dig into the soul of true adventurers who happen to be startups. Think Branson. Think RedBull. Think Patagonia — all pioneers in adrenaline-pinching sports, business, risk and failure.

In the meantime, welcome to Adventure. Gear up. Strap on your helmet. Charge up the GoPro and let’s roll.


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