The world in lockdown: Creative industries to the rescue

How gaming industries can inspire us to spend time in inventive ways while we are all stuck at home

Photo by Glenn Carstens on Unsplash
Photo by Glenn Carstens on Unsplash
June 18, 2020

2020 has been a year of massive changes in the lifestyle of people all around the globe. Everyone’s habits have been affected, from the way we work to the way we decide to spend our free time. This time of crisis has shown us, that the most valuable currency in the world is time and how we decide to spend it. People always want to go to restaurants, on vacation, to clubs and bars or to have a fun night out, but in reality, what people really crave is the connections that we create through those experiences.

People in quarantine have become living proof of many creative ways to spend time while on lockdown, as long as an internet connection is provided. Many have rediscovered their artistic side, spent time on painting, writing, or simply enjoying things they had been putting off; like watching a good tv-series which had been on their watch-list for years. Some people have taken up reading, others are playing video games.

Verizon has reported, that since the quarantine started, videogame consumption went up an extraordinary 75% worldwide. And while video games are typically associated with bad behaviors and mindless consumption by many, leading even the WHO to classify excessive gaming in their list of mental illnesses (gaming disorder), we know that this industry provides opportunities and important means for companies, schools and even healthcare workers.  

The COVID-19 outbreak is a global crisis, and global crisis call for global solutions, from every industry. In 2019, Ultraludic won the Creative Business Cup national competition in Guatemala, with their project on creating videogames with a social, cultural and educational purpose. The world of startups is filled with great examples of how video games can help us teach, learn and – yes, also play!  

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, WHO went back a few steps from their previous classification, by actually suggesting that people stay inside and play videogames, an activity which keeps your brain operating and relieves the stress and tension that can arise from being confined in one’s own home for a long time.  

So take your chance gamers, this is your time to shine!

About the author: Antonio Berardone is currently an intern with Creative Business Network. He has an educational background in B.A. Cinema Studies and a Masters in Management of Creative Industries at the University of Bologna. He is primarily working with National Partners relations, Communications and Community management.


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