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Ingelia, the Watify Award Solution winner of 2017, perfectly exemplifies how digital transformation, innovation, and creativity are primary drivers...

March 9, 2018
CBN Team

The Watify Award Solution was open to SMEs who successfully have implemented technological transformation. Watify is an awareness-raising campaign that stimulates the modernisation of European industry.

The Watify campaign focuses on the technological transformation of traditional SMEs, promotion of regional digitisation and uptake of advanced technologies – notably Key Enabling Technologies. Watify seeks to boost the rate of European industrial modernisation through increased productivity and efficiency, resulting in improved competitiveness and job creation.

Creative Business Cup was proud to announce Ingelia from Spain as the Watify Award Solution winner of 2017.

Thanks to their own patented HTC technology, Ingelia is a leader in the design, implementation and development of unique HTC plants that are able to process any type of wet biomass streams and produce high-value biocoal and liquid fertilizer.

Ingelia proved themselves to have a financially and highly relevant business model. Their patented invention can have huge implications for environmental transformation and circular economy in the world.

Founded by three engineers, Ingelia is a perfect example of how creativity and innovation can thrive across all industries and sectors.

As Ingelia won the Watify Award Solution, the jury mentioned Ingelia’s “…strong commitment to technological transformation and evolution.” Furthermore, the jury noted how Ingelia is “…opening opportunities to other global business chains” and how “They tackle key global challenges, such as pollution and waste management.”

Learn more about how Ingelia is changing the world with their patented HTC technology through this video.


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