The Winner’s Circle


December 10, 2018
Srividya Bhaskar

At Creative Business Network, we pride ourselves on identifying, nurturing and rewarding startups that will have an impact on creative industries. How do we know that we’re doing this well? We look to history. Our track record speaks for itself. Our 2017 finalists — CellRobot, Genki Instruments and Blitab – each have charted a successful course; replete with new product launches, new markets, and new funding.

CellRobot, the self -anointed “young and lively geeks from China” finished first at the Creative Business Cup in 2017. We caught up with them to track their progress and here’s what we found.

What exactly is CellRobot? Forbes called it a “cool gadget that can act as your personal robotic assistant or a neat toy.” CBC jurors agreed and added that it’s an “ingenious and easy-to-use way of combining problem-solving, robotics, coding and education into a fun and interactive activity for schools and children.” What you need to know is that it’s a customizable modular robot made up of robotic cells you can pretty much do anything you want.

After a successful pitch (and first-place win) at CBCup 2017, CellRobot has experienced growth on multiple fronts – the launch of a new product, brainstorming on ways to enter the European and North American markets, as well as offering its first product to local schools in China. After winning the global competition with us in 2017, they went on to pitch at their first robotics competition where they achieved much success and notoriety. Besides considerable growth, CellRobot has benefited from support by the CBC network of startups, national partners and jurors. These relationships have helped the company expand its markets in South Asia. They are currently focused on selling their products through the Apple Store through on-going negotiations.

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