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Johanna Forsman and Andreas Jansson of StoryTourist in Creative Business Cup Sweden 2019
Johanna Forsman and Andreas Jansson of StoryTourist in Creative Business Cup Sweden 2019
May 7, 2021
Marta Casero
“The Creative Business Cup is such an important reminder for everyone that cultural entrepreneurship is a thing, and that it needs to be taken seriously and valued appropriately” – Johanna Forsman, StoryTourist

StoryTourist is the Swedish startup who merges fiction, history and literary classics into self-guided walking tours. In 2019 they won Creative Business Cup Sweden, and their category in the Creative Business Cup Global Finals. Their story is an example of cultural entrepreneurship and how to promote reading and history.

As a serial reader, the co-founder Johanna Forsman came up with the idea of StoryTourist while reading Franz Kafka’s The Trial, and trying to immerse herself in the set up of the story. When, a couple of years later, she travelled to Berlin with her business partner Andreas Jansson, they decided to bring to life this interactive app as a way to experience the city.

StoryTourist’s app ties reality and fiction to guide the user through their favorite narratives and famous stories, which they can experience in the very spot where they take place. Now the startup is exploring new domains and opportunities through collaborations.


After winning the competition in 2019 and being first of the Toursim category in the Global Finals, the founders of StoryTourist remember how fun the experience was for them, and the fact that they met creative people from all over the world.

“After having been in the start-up-loop for a couple of years now, I can still safely say that the Creative Business Cup has been my most fun and treasured experience as an entrepreneur” – Johanna Forsman, StoryTourist

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