Startup from Iceland crowdfunds insect infused protein bars


April 15, 2015
CBN Team

The national winner from Iceland at the Creative Business Cup, last year, was Crowbar Protein, a company that produces food products made with edible insects. The company has been developing its first product, Jungle Bar – The Insect Powered Protein Bar, for almost a year and now it has become available via crowdfunding.

Jungle Bar is a protein bar made with dates, sesame, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, chocolate and cricket flour, the insect ingredient. Cricket flour is made out of nutritious crickets that have been specially farmed for human consumption in a very sustainable way. These crickets are dried and ground down to fine flour which then is mixed with the other ingredients to make the final product.

Crowbar Protein was founded in 2014 after one of its founders, Búi Aðalsteinsson, got global attention (Wired, Gizmodo, Dezeen, Daily Mail) for his concept art project The Fly Factory, which was Bui‘s way to show the world how easy, affordable and sustainable it is to farm insects and make food out of them. When the media picked up on it and Bui received hundreds of emails from people, all around the world, which were excited about his concept and wanted to have a taste of his products. That‘s when Búi realized how there was a real demand for insect infused food products and founded Crowbar Protein. The duo started to make prototypes and soon after, the world medianoticed them, again!

Crowbar Protein‘s mission is to create delicious food products made with edible insects, but also, and maybe more importantly, to educate people in western society about the individual and social benefits of eating edible insects.

To support Crowbars crowdfunding project click here


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