Presenting our new National Partner – RJDLT from Chad


May 31, 2016
CBN Team

RJDLT is a young independent non-profit movement that is committed to create and foster the Chadian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our mission is to prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs by creating an environment where passionate people can come and work together, learn and network

We also want to create better conditions to attract local and foreign investors for the development of fundable startups in Mauritania. At the core of our mission is equal access to education, skills formation and capital in Chad, this is why we’re committed to make all our events free and accessible to the underprivileged.

Tell us about your organization

Our vision is to be at the heart of a well-established and sustained entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chad similar to other African countries. We want Chad to be at the heart of the African technology revolution and want innovation and entrepreneurship to be one of its core values. By organizing various events around entrepreneurship, but also by creating a platform to connect potential investors with young Chadian entrepreneurs we want to build trust and make RJDLT the main platform every young Chadian comes to whenever they need help in starting their venture. In the shorter term, our goal is to see the first batch of successful Chadian technology venture launches in the African market.

We believe in the potential of Chadian entrepreneurs to launch successful technology companies in Africa and we are confident that we will reach our goals very soon and contribute to the growth of our nation.
We are a unique movement that is trying to foster the Chadian entrepreneurial ecosystem through an innovative approach. We want to make Chad the bridge between North and Sub-Saharan African by promoting and encouraging the transfer of knowledge, entrepreneurial mobility, but also encouraging and supporting transnational cooperation between Chad and other African countries.

Finally, we are planning to launch new efforts to improve internet access in Chad, especially in areas held back by limited infrastructure, by raising public awareness through various events.
We have huge ambitions and we are well aware of the tough task ahead of us but if we continue to undervalue the potential of entrepreneurship and technology in our country, the consequences will trickle throughout our economy.

Why did you join CBC?

Organizing Creative Business Cup Tchad, shows our commitment to foster the startup ecosystem in chad and also offer opportunities to chadian youth. It is our contribution to entrepreneurship development.

How do you plan to run your first National CBC?

CBC Chad, is solely opened the 30th of April and the submission period is until 30th June 2016, and then follows the selection of top 10 that will be trained and present their projects during our pitch and networking event that will be held after the training. The top 3 will be awarded nationally and the champion will submit his project for the international final in Copenhagen.

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