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The Invio Solution is about innovative and exciting ways of using Experience Technology. Finalists in this category are startups with a creative...

December 13, 2017
CBN Team

We are proud to introduce the 2017 Invio Experience Technology Solution Winner in collaboration with Invio -the Danish Innovation Network for Experience Economy.

The winning idea of the Invio Experience Technology Solution is one that…

… creates innovation through new types of technology.
… actively involves guests or participants using technology.
… has the potential to transfer from one sector to another.

And in addition, the technologies used must give the users a new type of experience or strengthen the existing experiences.

The jury is expected to consider the commercial potential, creativity and business strategy of each startup. The business idea is assessed through several sub-criteria, including investment value, scalability, and how creativity is woven into the model. This year, four creative startups qualified all the way to the Invio Solutions finals in Copenhagen:

Mixtroz, USA

The mission behind Mixtroz is to make networking at conferences easier and worthwhile. Through an in-app survey, conference hosts can gather big data on their attendees and additionally attendees can meet up with peers who will provide value to their current situation.


Kelosound Oy, Finland

In this fast-paced world, we are exposed to millions of impressions every minute, and many of us forget to take five and let our minds rest. The Finnish startup, Kelosound Oy, has made nature’s peace and quiet the essence of their business idea. KELOSOUND® seeks to bring nature closer to people in urban areas by combining naturally dried wood, soothing vibrations and calming sounds from the Finnish nature.


AWE, Denmark

AWE gives sound a whole new sound. Focusing on spatial sound, the Copenhagen based startup creates a universe of sound that can be implemented with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or 360 videos. The special sound universe provides clients in the travel- and tourism industry along with museums with new opportunities to create unique experiences for the end client.


Rift Estate, Moldova

It is inefficient to present 3D ideas using 2D elements -few people have the sense of depth and amount of imagination it takes. This is the main objective behind the US based startup Rift Estate, that provides architects and real estate agents with the possibility of showing their projects to client using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions. This will give the end client an opportunity to experience their new house or office building, and may thus have a positive effect on sales.

Rift Estate

The finals took place on November 15th at Hotel Scandic Copenhagen, where the four finalists presented their business ideas in front of four esteemed jury members.

Philippe Ceulen
Programs and Engagement Manager
QUT Creative Enterprise

QUT Creative Enterprise

Diana Ransom
Features Editor
Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine

Kenneth Madsen
DXTR Tactile

DXTR Tactile

Søren Smed
Network Manager


The pitches were open to the public, inviting attendees to hear first-hand how these companies can innovate the market with their fresh ideas. Each startup was granted a three-minute window to pitch their product or service to the jury. The time restriction is a crucial factor in preparation; the ideas must be clear and comprehensive, generating an air of professional perseverance.

The jury was particularly torn between two presentations. Both startups exceeded the fundamental principles of the criteria while embodying a surplus of something special; One startup had perfected their business model and style. They were very aware of how to grow and market their product. The other demonstrated an ingenious creative approach that completely involves the user.

Despite a lengthy and, at times, intense debate, the jury weighed the criteria, their impressions, and the presentations, finally arriving at an agreement.

The winner is an idea that brings people together and makes networking a worth-while experience. With the app that matches conference attendees while conference hosts can gather big-data on their guests, Mixtroz was awarded the winner of the Invio Experience Technology Solution 2017.

The energetic ‘mother-daughter duo’ won the jury over as they “(…) demonstrated a deft ability to speak in front of any audience, a clear idea and execution of their product and solutions. The team is competent and ideal for this type of business, as is their branding and marketing strategy. Mixtroz creates a new approach with its product, by improving upon the often-dreaded activity of networking. We hope to see a more playful format by gamifying future networking and take a more creative approach to the product to stand out. With this award, we hope to see Mixtroz become a powerful networking experience.”

Upon receiving the honour, Co-founder Ashlee Ammons thanked Creative Business Cup and Invio for recognizing the potential of Mixtroz and amplifying their voice as “(…) black, female, non-technical tech founders”.

The startups are a testimony to how Experience Technology is present across industries. We cannot wait to see what the future brings for these startups and wish them the best of luck.

Hear more about Invio and the finalists in this video.

invio solution

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