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June 25, 2015
CBN Team

The Cultiva Innovation Challenge is your chance to show how your innovative idea can help build a local community into a Capital for Playfulness in Kristiansand Norway, where children of all ages can engage in playful learning and embrace creative thinking

The Cultiva Foundation and Creative Business Cup are launching the Cultiva Play & Learn Innovation Challenge – an initiative to help make Kristiansand in Norway the Capital of Playfulness. The focus of the Cultiva Play & Learn Innovation Challenges is on human capital and embracing the wonderful world of imagination and creativity in children.

Why join?

  • This can be the platform, you need to bring your idea to life. The first step is a direct invitation with airfare and accommodation included to selected teams entering the challenge to come to Creative Business Cup in November.
  • Cultiva Play & Learn Innovation Challenge offers a first prize of Euro 10.000 and a chance to work with us in Norway in 2016.

What is the Cultiva Play & Learn Innovation Challenge?

The aim of the Cultiva Play & Learn Innovation Challenges is to transform the city of Kristiansand into a future Capital of Playfulness and have this reflected in the city planning, landscaping and architecture. Moreover, the goal is to create a House of Children to foster creativity, playful learning and to create a space where children can interact and become involved in arts, culture and create new positive social relations.

We are looking for SMEs and entrepreneurs who can demonstrate concepts and skills that will:

  • Integrating playfulness and creativity in the city structure and landscape.
  • Provide content, new ideas or framework for a future ‘House of Children’.
  • Use culture, playfulness to foster creativity, cognitive and socio-emotional skills in children.

How to join

All Creative industries startups and creative teams are welcome in the challenge. There are two ways to participate:

  1. Participate in your national Creative Business Cup competition and be selected for the Play & Learn Innovation Challenge. Find your National Partner.
  2. If your national competition has already been held of if you are entering from a country without a national partner, you can submit your concept via this link: Join Creative Business Cup Innovation Challenge

Remember to tag your submission with the Play & Learn Innovation Challenge tag

Read more about the Cultiva Play & Learn Innovation Challenge and how to join here

Case example:
Cardboardia – a new way of thinking urban planning

Cardboardia creates cities made out of cardboard and travel the world building events and cardboard cities. Cardboardia is not just a company name, but also the name of a country build out of cardboard. Cardboardia has its own currency and laws and if you wish, you can become an official citizen of Cardboardia.

Cardboardia is an example of how creative thinking, design, world building and playful imagination can create completely new spaces where innovation is the keyword.
You can read more about the world of Cardboardia here

Creating the Capital of Playfulness can be done in a variety of different ways. Our hope is that you have a new and innovative idea to help unravel the potentials of Kristiansand. Go to now, to learn all about the Cultiva Play & Learn Innovation Challenge and to submit your idea.


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