Can We Talk?


November 9, 2018
Amy Cosper

In a world increasingly defined by devices, technology, and text messages, CBC decided this year marks a return to that most basic form of human communication and learning – conversations. It’s becoming a lost art form and we aim to bring it back on November 27 in Copenhagen. That’s why “conversations” is one of our themes this year and it’s one we feel strongly about.

The concept revolves around you and the notion that we want to talk to you. We want you to talk to each other.  We want to hear from you. There is nothing anyone can say on a stage that is more important than what you have to say or questions you want to ask. So, let’s make that happen. Let’s talk.

What we’ve learned over the years is the best ideas and the most disruptive thoughts are created through human interaction – not in a cubicle, not in a boardroom but between people. Conversations matter, so that’s why it’s a key component to this year’s conference. Think of us as a conversation lab for creatives. Based on our experiences and research,  we’ve designed a program that emphasizes these pillars: education, interaction, creation, inspiration, conversation. Our goal is simple: We want you to share ideas and talk because this will lead you to success and who knows it might jiggle ideas loose; and you’ll meet people; and, hopefully, find deal flow. Your success is our focus. What you have to say is important and saying it with your voice is a powerful concept and one that we embrace. It’s a simple experiment based on a very human need: communication.

So, let’s get together and let’s talk it out.


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