Do you want to make positive change for creatives in Europe? Join us on our new policy making journey.

Together with great partners and You, CBN is building a new meta-network.

August 8, 2023
Olga Kizina

Do you want to make positive change for creatives in Europe? Join us on our new policy making journey. 

Together with great partners and You, CBN is building a new meta-network, and if you are a creative entrepreneur, investor, policymaker, professional, and expert involved in the cultural and creative industries and innovation agenda, we need each other to:

- suggest and promote better solutions for the creative sectors,
- identify challenges and get support,
- foster innovations and new collaborations in the creative industries and beyond,
- make our world a better place with creative and innovative ideas.

Wait, what is it all about?

It is all about Ekip - a European Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Policy Platform; it is a Horizon Europe project with the goal to identify and recommend policies directly to the European Commission and the Member States and associated countries. CBN is one of the 17 partners of the ekip project, and our team is responsible for communication between creatives, SME’s, investors, experts, researchers, and policymakers. That’s why we are launching a dynamic network, empowering each participant to actively shape policy frameworks and thereby fostering an environment conducive to the flourishing of innovators.

What does “policy” mean in this context?

A policy refers to a set of guidelines, regulations, strategies, or actions established by the ekip network to support and promote the growth, development, and sustainability of the creative and cultural industries. Within ekip, we will focus on a wide range of areas, including funding, sustainable development, digitalization, cross-sectorial collaboration, diversity, and international collaboration. The aim of these policies is to foster creativity, open innovation, and economic growth within the creative and cultural industries while addressing challenges and ensuring their long-term viability.

How does it work?

From the bottom up! If you know what you would like to change in your professional field, what challenges creatives are facing, and what changes need to be made, share them with us, and let’s discuss your demand in the network to come up with new ideas and solutions. It’s time to act! 

How can I contribute to the network and be part of it? 

There are many ways we would be happy to collaborate with You within ekip.

- Become an ekip Network member and take part in all the discussions happening around new policies.
- Become an ekip Network group moderator to create and facilitate new content. 
- Become an ekip Network Ambassador and be responsible for the identification of potential CCI policy areas, the validation of policy recommendations, and the promotion of these recommendations on the EU level.

Sounds interesting?

Complete this form to start our collaboration, or simply write us an email with your comments, questions, and ideas, and let’s have a chat! 

To find out more about the project, visit the ekip website: 

Our contacts:

Network Lead 

Olga Kizina 

Policy Lead

Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning  

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