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On the other side of your fear, is your success: let your freak flag fly

December 10, 2018
Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning

Every year we do this event—this fantastically artsy combination of startups and creativity event in Copenhagen. It’s called the Creative Business Cup, in which we acknowledge the best and the brightest ideas from founders driving change and pushing visions forward – around the world. The event represents everything that is great and meaningful in entrepreneurship and, really,  humanity. It’s sort of our kiss on the cheek and nod to innovation. It’s also a part of our philosophy of the creative economy and the force of creating lasting impact and an introduction of new ways of seeing.

The CBC Global Finals is a big deal because it combines every element of entrepreneurship, business and culture: We love disruption. We celebrate innovation. We embrace technology. But the top of mind for us is championing creativity and the notion of creative thinking. No matter who you are, you stand to benefit from the tenets of creativity – in leadership, startups, pivots, policy, sustainability — and everything you do in life.

Here’s the thing about creativity. It can’t be truly measured. It just is what it is. We know this because we’ve tried measuring creativity. There is nothing scientific or academic about being a creative. You can go to school for it. You can study it. But until you do it, you’ll never get it.

Creative entrepreneurship is equal parts science, art, luck and, yeah, capital, but an infusion of cash doesn’t always equal great new ideas. In fact, an absence of funding often leads to the breakthroughs that become creative ideas. That’s why we are unapologetic in our belief in all things creative. Time will tell whether the companies, entrepreneurs and ideas we cheer on become the next big thing or flameout in a heartbeat, but we believe and we are passionate about it. That’s because new ideas generate the next wave of game-changing ideas. The cycle repeats year after year. One thread of an idea can spawn generations of brilliance. That’s the goal of our celebration of how cool humans are and how important creativity is.

Think about it this way: By-the-book MBAs are sometimes eclipsed by the artists, the creatives, the poets and the dreamers when it comes to innovation. No b-school  accountant would ever make the case for landing a used rocket on a tiny platform in the middle of the ocean, but Elon Musk made it happen. Brilliant creativity.

It’s the essence of what we stand for and for what you stand for. And in the spirit of disruption, innovation and creativity, this year, we made a thing – this new website in which we will tell the stories of people, countries, inspiration and the global impact of the creative economy. It’s the story of making the impossible possible and it’s what we aim to do with this new website.

If there’s anything I’ve learned—and seen—from being a part of this world for years, it is never to underestimate the power and force of the human spirit. So let your freak flag fly and come hang with us.

Welcome to the freshly minted Creative Business Network website. We hope it becomes the destination for creative minds, creative leaders and creative thinkers — and for every curious human on the planet. Go be great and welcome to our movement — creativity in everything you do.

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