Celebrating a Decade!

Ten years of championing creative startups in Denmark

April 9, 2019
CBN Team

On 8 April 2019,  Creative Business Cup Denmark 2019 (CBCDK19) kicked off its flagship event at Bella Centre in Copenhagen. The event marks a decade of working with the brightest minds and startups in the creative field.

“It’s been ten years and I’ve never once ceased to be amazed with the ideas, people and innovation I see in Denmark. Most of our previous winners such as MysteryMakers, Rokoko and Carcel have gone on to achieve success and funding. I can’t wait to see who the torchbearer will be this year.” says Managing Director, Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning

The event featured a ‘wall of fame’ in which each Creative Business Cup Denmark winner had a poster detailing their business idea, photo, and website. An action-packed morning included pitches from startups, and one-on-one investor meetings. A panel of distinguished jurors spent the first half of the day deliberating on the top 5 semifinalists.

The program also featured an address by Rasmus Jarlov, the Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, Mayor and Chairman of the Employment and Integration Committee, both of whom noted that initiatives such as Creative Business Cup Denmark are necessary to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the Danish culture and economy.

Louise Ertman Baunsgaard (founder of LETZ SUSHI) announced our top 5 startups: Adzuki, Design by Witt, Goodie Pack, Lapee and Meet in VR. The finalists went through another round of pitching with cheers and encouragement from the audience and were followed by a presentation by, Mystery Makers (winner of Creative Business Cup 2012) and Emma Jorn (winner of Creative Business Cup 2010) who shared a personal startup story and reflected on how the Creative Business Cup experience helped them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Finally, it was time to announce the winners. The jurors took the stage and called out Goodie Pack as second runner up, Design by Witt as first runner up and Lapee as the winner of Creative Business Cup Denmark.

LAPEE is the first industrialized female urinal and ensures a cleaner, simpler, more efficient option to the restroom with endless lines for women.  Design By Witt is a new interior design brand, with a happy storytelling and GoodiePack is a software tool for companies working with physical guests.

The winners received prizes, but more importantly, took home stories to tell, a network to lean on, and new relationships to build upon..

The Creative Business Cup experience is much more than a competition. It’s about knowledge transfer, thought leadership, innovation. It’s rubbing elbows with peers and investors alike.  It’s the making of an intricate mosaic – forging connections that at first would seem random but on after thought seem obvious.
It’s people. Creativity. Ideas.

All under one powerful network: Creative Business Network.

For photos from the event, click here!

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