7 Really Awesome Creative Business Cup Things

Things to look out for on 1-2 July

May 20, 2019
CBN Team

As we close in on the 2019 Creative Business Cup Global Finals in July, we thought we would share some of the unexpected, yet amazing things you may not know about this event. For example, did you know the Creative Business Cup is the European hub for all things creative? Did you know the Crown Prince of Denmark, Prince Frederik, sometimes attends with a couple of trumpet-playing courtiers? Read on for more interesting tidbits, surprising facts, and really cool opportunities.

  1. Over 70 countries from around the world compete at the Creative Business Cup Global Finals. It truly is like the Olympics of startups. It will make your heart sing and it will restore your faith in humanity. For real. In an increasingly divided world, creative startups are a uniting force.
  2. This year, the event is introducing an entire theme built around the idea of “Bright.” Why? Because what happens each year at Creative Business Cup is a celebration of bright ideas, bright minds, bright  innovation, and bright lights. In fact, this event moved from November to July, so  that our attendees and startups can experience Copenhagen during the summer when the sun stays out until midnight. In fact, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses. You can wear them at midnight.
  3. Past winners have gone on to international success and recognition. (Read more here)
  4. Blockchain is not just for cryptocurrency. In fact, it’s an important technology for creative startups. This year, we’re embracing it and tackling it as a part of our foundational program. The more you know about blockchain, the more successful you’ll be as an entrepreneur.
  5. Did you know that playfulness encourages creative thinking and innovation – in all companies – even the big corporate ones? Leaders and founders need to inspire creativity and creative thought, which leads to innovation, and disruption – and discovery of new ways of thinking. We embrace that idea and you’ll be hearing a lot about introducing playfulness into your company’s culture.
  6. Opportunities and deal flow are very much a part of the mission. We bring startups together with some of the most influencial investors in the world. Imagine being face-to-face with access to capital as a startup. It’s powerful.
  7. It’s fun! There are no rules anywhere that state a startup competition can’t be fun – and this one is.  Come meet these brave entrepreneurs, get inspired by them, grab a Carlsberg and let the ideas flow.

We look forward to seeing you on July 1-2, 2019. So get yourself registered and get ready to be inspired and meet the coolest people who are changing the world.

Creative Business Cup 2019
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