5 ways to improve your efficiency and effectiveness

Do these things every single day

September 27, 2019
CBN Team

It’s a known challenge for startups, founders and entrepreneurs – managing the day-to-day of creating a company, raising capital and leading a team. Call it multitasking. Call it no sleep and too much Red Bull. Or call it what it is – an energy suck that borders on chaos. But fear not, we have compiled a list of things that can help you control your daily chaos. We interviewed five startups and compiled this list of five ways to improve your efficiency, which in turn will improve your productivity and KPIs.

5 ways to improve your efficiency and effectiveness

  1. Make a daily task list. These are your goals and will help you manage what needs to be accomplished. Hand write it. Put it on your phone. White board it. Do the stickies all over your desk approach. It doesn’t matter what format it’s in, it will keep your mind focused. Think of it as your daily roadmap.
  2. Communicate, or even better — over communicate with your team. This sounds small, but your success (and the success of your team) depends on your ability to communicate your vision, ideas and challenges.
  3. Lead, don’t boss. Ok, it goes without saying, but great leaders aren’t bosses. Your job is to inspire greatness and creativity. There’s a difference.
  4. Encourage participation and idea sharing. This may mean a small amount of goofing off and playing. This is a critical part of team building and will lead to organizational growth – and it’s where new ideas and new approaches come from.
  5. Headspace: Take time to do things to get your head in the right space. This might mean going for a run, reading (which you should all be doing every day anyway) – anything that gives your mind and body a chance to slow down for a minute.

We know what you are doing is challenging, but putting a little process on your day will help you with every aspect of your business and your work-life balance. And as you know, these things can be fluid and can change daily, but give yourself a chance to manage your time and don’t forget to take time out for yourself. Recharging is as important as spreadsheets and it will make you a more productive and happier human.

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