Tourban - Accelerating SME capacity and innovation for sustainable urban tourism

In the light of the current challenges of urban tourism in European cities, the Tourban project concentrates its efforts to tackle the adaptation of tourism companies towards more sustainable, low-carbon, circular and resource-efficient business models. It will provide them with the necessary skills, capacity and financial resources to become innovation and sustainability catalysts. Creative Business Network is a partner in the project.

Tourban is funded by the European Commission under the programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) run by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).

Specific objectives

  • Share and exchange knowledge and best practices on tourism sustainability and circular economy models, especially in an urban context.
  • Offer tourism SMEs the opportunity to participate in networking events and engage in cross-sectoral and transnational collaboration.
  • Provide minimum 60 tourism SMEs with business and financial support in a 12-month acceleration programme.
  • Support tourism SMEs in adopting best practices including obtaining internationally recognised certificates and labels.
  • Leverage tourism SMEs’ capacities and skills to develop innovative solutions that make them both more sustainable and competitive.
  • Spearhead a transnational and cross-sectoral movement towards tourism sustainability in urban areas across Europe.

Key outcomes for tourism SMEs

  • Implementation of environmentally friendly, socially responsible and sustainable business models and generation of new and increased revenue streams, reduced costs and decreased resource consumption.
  • Increased capacity to become effective engines of innovation for green practices and technologies.
  • Adoption of internationally recognised certificates and labels increasing their visibility and positioning.
  • Be part of a transnational and cross-sectoral community responsive and willing to transform their business models into more sustainable ones and adopt circular economy approaches.

Read more about the Tourban project at their website and join the project’s online community. You can also follow the project on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.