DeuS – European Open Design School for Sustainable Regional Development

DeuS is a regional Vocational Educational Training (VET) project in the cultural and creative sector joining relevant players from Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia and UK. It builds on the work in the Open Design School pilot initiative promoted under ECoC Matera 2019.  The project aims to:

  • Develop a participated, innovative and sustainable cooperation model, an iterative process to identity local challenges and generate solutions for CCI professionals (VET providers, researchers and policymakers), based on the collective experience and knowledge of the Consortium, with a view to being shared with future EcoCs, EU cities and regions;  
  • Facilitate professional skills development for CCI Professionals with focus on improving the relevance of VET as a first choice for multi-discipline training, upskilling and reskilling; encompassing transversal and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Promote sustainability and transferability of the cooperation model and training solutions identified.

To achieve its aims, the project will:

  • Identify and develop a learning and training approach (in accordance with ECVET and inspired by the EntreComp Framework) that is employability-driven and builds on pedagogies that draw on a work-based approach, along with a training and learning scheme that is expected to be open, inclusive and non-hierarchical.  
  • Develop a co-creation process involving local/regional CCI communities, policy makers and citizens in order to identify local challenges and generate solutions adoptable at EU level;
  • Establish innovation hubs (Living Labs) that support SMEs, professionals and VET learners to conduct research and develop innovative products and services.
  • Design a Knowledge Creative Platform specific to the CCI sector that becomes a point of reference for VET learners and trainers and all sectoral professionals;
  • Develop a financial model to promote sustainability that combines public and private funding and income-generating activities.

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