Tiffany Norwood

Tiffany Norwood

Founder & CEO, Tribetan

Tiffany Norwood, a renowned global innovator and tech entrepreneur, has marked her presence across multiple industries, including digital broadcasting, broadband internet, digital music, ed-tech, and eSports. Known as a global changemaker, her ventures have reached billions in over 150 countries. Norwood began her entrepreneurial journey early, becoming a CEO while at university, filing for a patent at 19, and raising an impressive $670 million for the start-up, WorldSpace, by age 27. Her ventures, ranging from the first one-strap backpack to healthcare clinics in Ethiopia, showcase her diverse interests and innovative spirit. Currently, she leads Tribetan, an ed-tech company, and SimWin Sports, a digital sports league platform. In 2020, she added 'author' to her accomplishments with her first book, "Vote Like a Boss".

As a respected global speaker on entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership, Norwood has shared her insights on prestigious platforms like the US Patent and Trademark Office, the European Parliament, Cornell University, and the United Nations. Her iconic talks, such as "The Power of We," "The ROI of Faith," and "Hermione Rising," promote unity, trust, and practice. A self-described self-made black woman of faith, Norwood's personal interests include yoga, spicy food, and spending time with her 13 godchildren, friends, and family. A graduate from Cornell University and Harvard University, Norwood continues to break barriers and aspires to someday travel to space, manifesting her constant pursuit of innovation and new frontiers.