Talha Chishti

Talha Chishti

Head of Programmes at British Council

In his first interaction, Talha will charm you with his poise, warmth, patience and his incredible belief in the potential of humanity. For Talha, individuals are capable of a lot more than the restrictive boundaries they set for themselves. Talha graduated from the Lahore University of Management Sciences with a degree in Economics and Political Science.

Currently, Talha is working as Head of Programmes – Society for British Council Pakistan and leading a project called Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies, a multiyear project in five countries to promote social and creative entrepreneurship in Pakistan. He has been extensively involved in

developing DICE fellowship program which aims to built capacity of more than 600 social and creative enterprise leaders in Pakistan.

He has also worked with the Active Citizens team at British Council and was also the part of Ilmpossible- Take A Child to School project under which more than 200,000 out of school children were enrolled and retained in schools in two years.

Before joining British Council, Talha has worked with various international organizations like UNHCR, UNDP, UNOPS, USAID and World Bank.

Besides keen interest in the development sector, Talha enjoys travelling and meeting new people. Talha relishes reading, discussing and debating on matters of contemporary socio-economic and political relevance. In his free time, he finds solace in writings of poets like Iqbal and Faiz.