Stiven Kerestegian Gandarillas

Stiven Kerestegian Gandarillas

Senior Manager LEGO Chile

Stiven is an Open Innovation entrepreneur at LEGO where he leads the development of a strategy and toolbox to systematically enable and empower open collaboration and value creation across the LEGO ecosystem.Prior to joining The LEGO Group, Stiven held several strategic corporate and entrepreneurial roles leading the design and development of highly successful consumer hardware products, services and on-line experiences for both Fortune 500 companies and star-ups from Silicon Valley to the Patagonia. For his work Stiven has been recognized with dozens of international design & innovation awards and patents. Current areas of specific focus for Stiven include innovation management, sustainability, open innovation, product and participation (experience) design.A leader and expert with a passionate yet sensible personality and an endless curiosity for technology, culture and the environment. A true innovator deploying initiative, ingenuity and technical aptitude in order to manifest opportunities and create value through the design process and synthesize simple & compelling solutions that align with strategic business & holistic user needs.