Sarita Christensen

Sarita Christensen

CEO and owner Copenhagen Bombay Denmark

CEO and owner

Copenhagen Bombay

Copenhagen Bombay was founded in 2006 and today owned by film producer and CEO Sarita Christensen. Copenhagen Bombay is a production company focusing on original content for children and youth.

Copenhagen Bombay is a diverse and talent-oriented company working with a broad range of projects. No matter the platform, the stories of Copenhagen Bombay shall engage the audience by the power of their relevance and narrative. By giving special attention to new talents, original stories and unique designs, the profile of the company is unique. Above all the vision of Copenhagen Bombay is to stimulate the inquisitive child to remain inquisitive. This generates innovation and entrepreneurship

“At Copenhagen Bombay we believe great stories to be the keys to open multi-platform universes. We also believe in challenging our ideas in order to integrate new technologies and new business partners to push our products further”