Nat Kwabena Adisi/Bola Ray

Nat Kwabena Adisi/Bola Ray

CEO Excellence In Broadcasting Network & Empire Group Ghana

Nat Kwabena Adisi is a high-energy motivator, experienced in leading teams committed to the highest professional standards. With years of industry exposure Mr Adisi (alias Bola Ray) is equipped with knowledge and experience in global media operations, business development and entertainment. With key strengths in strategic management, marketing and brand positioning, he displays extensive understanding of emerging markets, enabling him to contribute to and excel in revenue growth, financial management and driving performance excellence. Mr Adisi champions a strong focus on integrity, competence, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Well delivered internal and external communications have helped him to build and maintain a robust social and business network with customers, creatives, curators, industry leads, political leaders and Head of State, employees. Through this he is able to offer skill mentoring for staff development so as to achieve success.