Mateusz Marmołowski

Mateusz Marmołowski

Founder of

CEO & Founder at, which is an expert in the field of Image Processing. The company applies Machine Learning in order to improve or automate research in the field of medical imaging. These solutions are applicable in every situation, where image analysis (either pictures or video) could improve the speed or quality of performed services. CTA is also a pioneer in the fields of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The company has earned many prestigious international awards which confirm the innovative potential of the team.

Founder & CTO at Professor Why S.A. which provides edutainment software that pushes the boundaries of innovation in order to make learning more and more exciting for students.

Recent years spent in United States on business development of Silicon Valley division of InteliWISE USA Inc. Graduated from the faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Gdansk University of Technology. He was also a researcher and developer of W3C Semantic Web.