Kåre Wanscher

Kåre Wanscher

Lawyer and professional drummer NJORD Denmark

Lawyer and professional drummer – a creative combination.

Kåre Wanscher is a Danish lawyer specializing in intellectual property rights, entrepreneurship, media- and entertainment law, commercial contracts etc. For the last 8 years, he has been an associate in MAQS Law Firm’s Copenhagen office. On a daily basis, Wanscher helps entrepreneurs and other kinds of companies with all the legal aspects of establishing businesses, protecting intellectual property rights, business development etc. The majority of his clients are businesses within the creative industries and the experience economy.

Wanscher has for the last 25 years been a professional musician as the drummer in the Danish pop band Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR). As the drummer in a band with a record sale of more than 10 million albums and the director in the band’s company, Wanscher is working on an international level within the music business, a true adventure that has brought the music of MLTR and the band to many places in the world with great success.

Being both a lawyer and an creative entrepreneur gives Kåre the opportunity to explore two very different worlds at the same time, giving him a unique insight in various aspects of running a business within the creative industries. He was in 2005 – 2010 an external consultant for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the export program “Born Creative”, where he assisted Danish creative companies with their export activities.