Jingyan Qin

Director of the Department of Industrial Design at University of Science & Technology Beijing

Professor Dr. QIN Jingyan, Director of Industrial Design Department, Ph.D Supervisor of Computer & Communication Engineering School, University of Science & Technology Beijing, Ph.D of Tsinghua University, Academic Visiting Scholar of King���������s College and CRUCIBLE, University of Cambridge, Youth Changjiang Scholar, Ministry of Education, China, China Top 10 Youth Designers, Ministry of Science&Technology, China. Beijing Youth Famous Teacher. PI of 26 UN, NSFC, SSFC, MOE projects and over 50 industries projects about AI and innovation design, Design For Sustainability, Interaction Design and Information Design, Digital Cultural Heritage, Digital Culture Industry and Gameplay Mechanical Design. Published over 100 papers and won 21 medals of HCI and industrial design which include Red Dot and Red Star, GM Vehicle Design Award, China Design Intelligence Award, etc. Published over 12 invention patents. Committee member of Min China EU Alliance for Humanities and Art Education, MOE, China Industrial Design Association, China Computer Federation and ACM. Reviewer and committee member of Journal of Visual Language and Computing. Deputy editor in chief of Encyclopedia of China.