Dhakshinamoorthy “Dash” Balakrishnan

Dhakshinamoorthy “Dash” Balakrishnan

Venture Catalyst and founder Malaysia

Dash is a fire starter behind various initiatives and programs in the startup ecosystem.

Since 2008, in his capacity as the host for the Global Entrepreneurship Week, he has been hustling and ‘hacking’ the ecosystem to bring government, private sector and the entrepreneurial community together to create a more vibrant ecosystem.

Dash’s personal mission is to help create more fundable startups.

Dash is the founder of a not-for-profit organization he created to help fuel and achieve this mission.

In 2013 October, Dash organized one of the most amazing events THE Global Startup Youth which brought together 500 youth from 105 countries to Malaysia to develop solutions for the world’s problems in 3 days.

Dash is both educated in Edinburgh and Cambridge University.