Daiva Naldal

Strategic advisor at Mindhive, Founder DSTN-ventures.com

Daiva S. Naldal is an experienced international marketing and innovation leader with 20+ years of professional career working with global brands. Former Director of Marketing & Innovation and Head of LEGO Ideas (ideas.lego.com) – a crowdsourcing hub for the LEGO Group that aims to bridge the talent of external interest- communities into the corporate innovation process.

Daiva has a track record of successfully developing and scaling open innovation initiatives and growing new business opportunities – from developing and testing radical product concepts, piloting new business formulas, and growing these into sizable & sustainable global businesses.

Daiva runs her consulting practice DSTN-ventures.com, helping various companies develop innovation programs and organizational structures that create value. She is a sought-after business mentor, a guest lecturer at selected colleges and universities, a board member and advisor for several startups and accelerators, and a keynote speaker at international conferences.