Christian Stadil

Christian Stadil

CEO/Owner, Thornico

Christian Nicholas Stadil (born 1971) is a Danish business owner, founder, chairman, director, investor, author, and adjunct professor. Additionally, he is an active lecturer and talks internationally about management, branding, creativity, innovation, and self-development. Christian is also an investor in the program "Løvens Hule," the Danish version of Dragons Den and Shark Tank.

Apart from being the owner and CEO of the conglomerate Thornico, which he founded with his father Thor Stadil at the end of the 1990'ies, Christian is also the co-founder of and lead investor in several especially tech-based upstart companies such as, the world's biggest Tattoo platform. Moreover, he sits on various external boards and think tanks, for example, Big Future 2025.

The Thornico Group comprises around 120 operational companies within the food, technology, real estate, packaging, financing, sport, and fashion, the latter being in the form of Hummel. Thornico has owned 100% since taking over the company in 1999, where they finally put it on the world map, re-launching Hummel as a fashion brand with its roots still tied to the sport. By being true to Hummel's origin as a sports brand, the brand developed a uniqueness that has made it known and popular among stars like Daniel Craig, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani.

Privately Christian Stadil is passionate about many art forms, be it music, poems, paintings, or the tattoos covering his body. He is an avid collector of art and books. Art provides him with a lifelong source of experience and inspiration. Furthermore, Chris­tian is an active man practicing martial arts, skiing, and mountain climbing.