Andreas Bastedo

Andreas Bastedo

Founder and Director Keera Sistem Indonesia, PT Indonesia

Andreas Bastedo started out as an architect by education (1996, Petra Christian University) and started his own training company business in 1998. while doing professional work as an architect. He started his education involvement pretty early with teaching various design softwares in his almamater and in various universities after that. Andreas Bastedo believes that learning is a never-ending process. As a lecturer, he also seeks out professional certification from Autodesk as a main supplier of design applications. He has a professional certification and teaching certification in the form of Autodesk ACI (Autodesk Certified Instructor) and ACE (Autodesk Certified Evaluator). Between his community work as member of FGDForum (, Andreas Bastedo is running a training company (, a rapid-prototyping service company ( and his family business ( He also found an outlet for his education passion in Visual Communication Design at the Universitas Ciputra. He has a great passion for the educational “as I can help shape Indonesia’s futures by preparing it’s young to face the challenges in the global market.”